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1. Eligibility 
  • The Quiz is open to anyone who has an interest in Agriculture or wants to learn more about Agriculture.
  • Students are required to participate individually and not in teams.
2. Details of Quiz
  • The Quiz will be held online, covering various aspects of General agriculture, Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant science Entomology, Soil, Agri. economics, LPM, and other related topics.
  • The Quiz will be in an MCQ format, comprising a total number of 50 Multiple Choice Questions. The quiz has been divided into three broad categories – Easy, Moderate and Difficult
  • Each correct attempt will fetch you 4 mark, whereas, an incorrect attempt of a question will attract a negative marking of 1 marks.
  • The duration of the Quiz will be – 30 minutes.
  • The online system where the quiz will be conducted will “not” allow you to leave the test screen. If you try to leave the test screen, you will be warned and eventually end up losing your attempt and immediate disqualification from the quiz.
  • The Candidates are required to attempt the Quiz at one go.
  • In case of a tie between participants, only the ones submitted before than others shall be considered to have a higher rank.


3. Prizes

         3.1 There will be fifty winners [based on ranks 1 to 50]

         3.2 Winners shall be awarded the following prize money:

  • First Prize:      Rs. 1,000 /- + merit certificate
  • Second Prize:  Rs. 500 /- + merit certificate
  • Third Prize:     Rs. 500 /- + merit certificate
  • Consolation Prize: Rank 3rd To 10th: Rs. 100 /- each to the next 7 winning candidates [Ranks 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10]
  •  Rank 11rd To 50th: Rs. 50 /- each to the next 40 winning candidates  [Ranks 11 to 50]


3.3 Online certificates of participation will be issued to all participating candidates.


4. Important dates
  • Last date for registration: before 10th March 2019 (SUNDAY) 10:00 AM
  • A date for online Quiz: 10th March 2019 (SUNDAY) 
  • Time for online Quiz: 12:00 PM
  • Declaration of answer key and individual participant scores: 10th March, 2019, 06:00 PM
  • Declaration of final results: 11th March


5. Disclaimer 
  • 5.1 This is an online quiz granting flexibility to its participants. The participants willing to refer to search engines and books during the quiz will most likely fail to obtain merit in quiz considering the time factor and difficulty of the quiz. The quiz requires a clear understanding of the subject and merely a reference to the text of it will not provide definitive answers. The participants are required to be fully prepared with the topic before beginning with the quiz.